Linux Mint 19 Lock Screen and IntelliJ/PyCharm Reformat Code

Linux Mint and IntellijJ/PyCharm has collision about screen lock and code indent. You can change one of both in order to solve the problem:

Change Linux Mint 19 lock screen shortcut

Change default key shortcuts for locking screen for Linux Mint 19

  • Menu
  • Preferences
  • System Settings
  • Keyboard
  • Shortcuts
  • System
  • Lock screen
  • Select new combination instead of: Ctrl+Alt+L

Linux Mint lock screen

IntelliJ/PyCharm change code indent keyboard shorcut

In order to change IntelliJ/PyCharm shortcut you can do:

  • File
  • Settings
  • Keymap
  • Search for: "Reformat Code"
  • Under Main menu/Code/Reformat Code
  • Select new combination instead of: Ctrl+Alt+L


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