How to Create File/Folder Shortcut in Linux Mint 19.3 with One Click (Nemo)

This brief tutorial shows how to create shortcuts in Linux Mint for files and folders.

There are two ways of creating shortcut in Linux Mint:

  • Using Nemo
  • by terminal

Create File/Folder Shortcut in Nemo

To create a shortcut using the file explorer, simply follow the steps below:

  • Open Nemo
  • Select the file or the folder
  • Press CTRL + Shift
  • Drag and drop the selected file or folder

A new shortcut file with the name pattern - Link to is created in the same location.

The shortcut can be moved to another folder or the Desktop.

Create Shortcuts in terminal

If you want to create a shortcut(symlink) in the terminal you can use the next command.

To create create a symbolic link of folder /home/Documents which is at /mnt/docs:

ln -s /home/Documents /mnt/docs

If you like to find more about command ln check:

man ln

Note: Using command ln will create a shortcut with the same name as the original folder.

Check and Follow Shortcut

Once the shortcut is create it can be followed from the context menu:

  • Right Click on Shortcut ( it will appear arrow in the right bottom corner)
  • Follow link to original file

The Shortcuts are displayed differently from folders:


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