Use Regex To Remove lines containing word in Sublime

In this short post you can find how to remove all lines which contains specific work in Sublime Text.

You may also check this detailed article: Sublime 3 Regex Search and Replace Examples

All the steps to find and remove with regular expressions lines with a given word or words. Lets try to remove all lines which contain word - tex:

  • CTRL + H to show the find and replace window
  • Enable the Regex button by .* - as shown on the image
  • In the Find field: add regex .*text.*\r?\n

Note where the \r?\n depends on the system which is used - Linux or Windows. \n might be enough in most cases.

  • Leave the Replace field empty.

  • Click the Find or Find All to investigate the lines

  • Finally press Replace All button

All steps to replace full lines with Sublime Text 4 is shown on the image below:


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