Ubuntu 18 AWS S3 best client, terminal and setup

Linux Ubuntu 18 and Linux Mint 18.1 offer good and reliable way to work with AWS S3 or Amazon Simple Storage Service.

In this post:

  • Prerequisite
  • Install AWSCLI with pip
  • Easy Configuration for AWS CLI
  • Best client for AWS S3 FileZilla Pro
  • Resources


In order to install AWS client on Linux you will need to have pip a package manager for Python. By default Ubuntu and Linux Mint come with default installation of python. If you want to check the version then type:

Check pip version:

pip --version

You may need to upgrade pip by:

pip install --upgrade pip

Note: you can use pip3 for python3.

Check python version (python 2):

python --version

and python 3:

python3 --version

By default pip is included in python default packages. If you need to install it manually you can check install pip with easy_install.

Install AWSCLI with pip

If you want to use it you can do install the aws client by(giving user or not):

pip install awscli --upgrade --user
pip install awscli --upgrade

Once the installation process is finished you can verify the application version by:

aws --version


aws-cli/1.15.57 Python/2.7.12 Linux/4.15.0-24-generic botocore/1.10.56

Upgrading of the AWS client can be done by:

pip install awscli --upgrade --user
pip install awscli --upgrade

Depending on are you using user or not.

In case that you are using environments for python you can check your installation folder by:

which python



or for default python:


Easy Configuration for AWS CLI

The simplest possible configuration for AWS client is to setup 4 properties:

  • AWS Access Key ID - your personal key ( you need to ask your admin to provide this information for you)
  • AWS Secret Access Key - your personal Secret Access Key
  • Default region name - you can find your region from here: AWS Regions and Endpoints
  • Default output format - allows different formats like: text, xml, json..

Configuration is done by the command:

aws configure

or if you have different profiles:

aws configure --profile myprofile

Sample configuration:

AWS Secret Access Key [None]: je7MtGbClwBF/2Zp9Utk/h3yCo8nvbEXAMPLEKEY
Default region name [None]: eu-central-1
Default output format [None]: json

Best client for AWS S3 FileZilla Pro

The best client which I was able to use for AWS S3 is FileZilla Pro. It's good to mention that is paid. In order to get it you can go on this link:

FileZilla Pro

I was able to run it with wine or under virtual machine. In order to setup it you can:

  • New Site - to create new connection
  • Enter host s3.amazonaws.com
  • Select protocol S3- Amazon Simple Storage Service
  • Enter your AWS Access Key ID as user name
  • Enter your AWS Secret Access Key as Password
  • Connect

You can use an IAM user credentials.


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