StackOverFlow surver 2018 is out - interesting extracts

The biggest survey amongst programmers is published for 2018. There are many interesting points there. In this post you will find most interesting in my opinion:

  • Programmers salary by Developer Type
  • Most Popular Technologies
  • Developer Type
  • Experience
  • Self-education
  • Languages and Highest Salaries Worldwide?

As you can see many interesting topics are publish inside. This is the link of the survey:

Developer Survey Results

Over 100,000 participants in this survey.

The biggest question - programmer salary

Is one of the most asked question in developers world: how much and what roles takes the biggest salaries by programmer position:

  • $89,000 Engineering manager
  • $72,000 DevOps specialist
  • $60,000 Data scientist or machine learning specialist
  • $59,000 Data or business analyst
  • $59,000 Embedded applications or devices developer
  • $59,000 Full-stack developer
  • $57,000 Desktop or enterprise applications developer
  • $56,000 Back-end developer

Another interesting moment which is visible from this survey is World vs USA salary comparison:

  • Engineering manager - $89,000 Global, $137,000 USA
  • DevOps specialist - $72,000 Global, $110,000 USA

So big advantage for USA in salaries of programmers for 2017 - 2018 period.

You can read more here:

Salary by Developer Type

Programmer Salary per language and experience 2018

Another interesting topic is how much programmer earn per language based on his experince in 2018. This can be viewed here:

Salary and Experience by Language

It seems that some languages like Closure, Go, F#, Groovy are paid much more in comparison to PHP and Visual Basic. Numbers of answered people is not so huge for languages like Closure and Go which could mean that there less programmers in comparison to Java, JavaScript, C++.

Languages and Highest Salaries Worldwide?

The most paid languages are very interesting:

  • $74,000 - F#
  • $73,000 - Ocaml
  • $72,000 - Closure
  • $72,000 - Groovy
  • $69,000 - Perl

One of my favourite languages are inside top 5 - Groovy.

here is the list:

What Languages Are Associated with the Highest Salaries Worldwide?

Participants in the survey per continent

It seems that users who participate in the survey are mainly from Europe, followed by N. America and Asia.

  • 39,001 - Europe
  • 25,016 - North America
  • 24,700 - Asia
  • 4,162 - South America
  • 2,869 - Africa
  • 2,591 - Australia/Oceania

Most Popular Technologies

Javascript is dominating in popular technologies followed by HTML and CSS. On 4th and 5th positions are SQL and JAVA:

Programming, Scripting, and Markup Languages

  • 69.8% JavaScript
  • 68.5% HTML
  • 65.1% CSS
  • 57.0% SQL
  • 45.3% Java

in databases MySQL is the most popular one:

  • 58.7% MySQL
  • 41.2% SQL Server
  • 32.9% PostgreSQL
  • 25.9% MongoDB

Years Since Learning to Code

it seems that professional coders with experience more than 10 years are extremely small number. And people with less that 5 years are most than half of the people in this survey:

  • 30.1% - 0-2 years
  • 27.4% - 3-5 years
  • 10% - 10-20 years
  • 5% - 20-30 years

You can find more here: Experience

There are many more topics that can be found in this survey. Go and check it. Please do share any comments - do you agree with the results of this survey?

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