Best programming music in 2018

Enhance the programming experience with the nice music is essential for my productiveness. I prefer to have good background sounds which helps me to concentrate and isolate from annoying noise. So have you ever wonder what is the best programming music? Actually I doubt that there exist such thing like best music for programming. Very often my mood influence my music preferences and the music which inspired me yesterday today could be boring. In this post I'll try to collect on one place music good for programming:

  • radio streams
  • youtube videos
  • sound cloud

Do you believe that exists music for languages? Music for Python or Javascript? Music for HTML or SQL? Can you share what are your thoughts about it?

Please feel free to share in the comments below if you have good music in mind.

Radio streams

Youtube videos - Piano Music

To be honest I not big fan of piano and violin but some performances like the ones below are too good to be true. I can code on them with hours having great concentration and focus:

Youtube videos

If you like fantasy, sci fi, space travels you may like next music pieces. Don't forget to set loop for shorter songs:

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