How to copy file to s3 with aws cli example

This brief post will show you how to copy file or files with aws cli in several different examples. It will cover several different examples like:

  • copy files to local
  • copy files from local to aws ec2 instance
  • aws lambda python copy s3 file

You can check this article if you need to install and download files with S3 client on Linux Mint or Ubuntu: How to Download Files from S3 Bucket with AWS CLI on Linux Min

Step 1: Copy files to local with aws cli

One the S3 client is installed and correctly configured(check the link above). You can copy files from a S3 bucket to your local machine by command:

aws s3 cp <S3 URI> <Local Path>

and example would be

aws s3 cp s3://some-space_bucket/my-file.txt .

The command above will copy the file located on bucket - s3://some-space_bucket/my-file.txt on the current working folder.

Step 2: Copy files to local with different AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY

What about if you like to get files from a bucket which has different AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY from the configured one. And you don't like to store them on your machine.

In this case you can use the next command to copy files with custom keys:

AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=xxx AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=xxx aws s3 cp s3://some-space_bucket/my-file.txt .

Step 3: Copy files from local to S3 bucket

If you need to copy a local file from your local machine to aws instance then you can use the next syntax:

aws s3 cp <Local Path> <S3 URI>

or as example:

aws s3 cp ./test.txt s3://some-space_bucket/my-file.txt

This will copy the local file test.txt from the current working folder to the bucket path: s3://some-space_bucket/my-file.txt

Step 4: Python aws lambda to copy S3 file(s)

If you need to create a aws lambda to copy files from S3 buckets you can check: Using an Amazon S3 trigger to invoke a Lambda function

The Python lambda to copy files is:

import json
import urllib.parse
import boto3

print('Loading function')

s3 = boto3.client('s3')

def lambda_handler(event, context):
    #print("Received event: " + json.dumps(event, indent=2))

    # Get the object from the event and show its content type
    bucket = event['Records'][0]['s3']['bucket']['name']
    key = urllib.parse.unquote_plus(event['Records'][0]['s3']['object']['key'], encoding='utf-8')
        response = s3.get_object(Bucket=bucket, Key=key)
        print("CONTENT TYPE: " + response['ContentType'])
        return response['ContentType']
    except Exception as e:
        print('Error getting object {} from bucket {}. Make sure they exist and your bucket is in the same region as this function.'.format(key, bucket))
        raise e

Step 5: Python aws lambda to copy S3 file from one bucket to other

If you need to copy files from one bucket to another with a aws lambda you can use next Python snippet:

import boto3
import json
s3 = boto3.resource('s3')

def lambda_handler(event, context):
    bucket = s3.Bucket('some-space_bucket-1')
    dest_bucket = s3.Bucket('some-space_bucket-2')

    for obj in bucket.objects():
        dest_key = obj.key
        s3.Object(, dest_key).copy_from(CopySource = {'Bucket': obj.bucket_name, 'Key': obj.key})

This will copy all files from some-space_bucket-1 to bucket some-space_bucket-2

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