Android 8 how to add Time Zones on home screen

In this article you will find information how to add clocks with different time zones in simple and user friendly format. We are going to use an app: Simple World Clock Widget. You can see the final outlook of the clocks on the image below:


The steps to add clocks with different time zones in Android 8:

How to add a Simple World Clock Widget to home screen in Android

  • Follow the link: Simple World Clock Widget or search in Google play store for: Simple World Clock Widget
  • Install the app
  • Go to your home screen
  • Long-press on it
  • Wait for menu that appears
  • Select Widgets
  • Swipe on left and search for Simple World Clock Widget
  • drag and drop it on the home screen
  • Once you added it you can it you can customize:
    • time zone
    • background color
    • display name
    • text color
    • font size
    • display layout
    • hour date format.
  • Save
  • You can repeat and add as many time zones as you need.
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